Aboubakar Lougue

Aboubakar Lougue is an investor, a statistician and a data scientist. He is a Manager of the professional services team at Avalara. He has over nine years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry with a vast knowledge of the upstream and downstream sectors. He is an expert on excise tax determination and compliance software in the Oil & Gas industry in North America.

Mr. Lougue is a consultant in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. He is the founder of Daventure, a data consulting company. He enjoys exploring the hidden patterns within big data and transforming them into data-driven decisions. He prides himself in challenging and scrutinizing the myth behind data to arrive at conclusions that bring consensus among strongly opinionated stakeholders. He focuses on model building and predictive analysis.

Lougue was born and raised in a business-oriented family in Burkina Faso in West Africa, where he developed an interest in the business world from childhood and passionately continued on that path until now. In early 2019, he co-founded Texas-West Africa Chamber of Commerce (TWACC) to facilitate Western African integration in Texas and to build the bridge between Texas investors and entrepreneurs and their counterparts in West Africa.

Mr. Lougue is an alumnus of the University of Houston, where he obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information System (MIS) and graduated with the highest distinction conferred by the university, University Honors and Honors in Major. He also earned a Master of Science in Statistics at Texas A&M University, one of the finest universities in the United States that ranks above some ivy-league schools.