Margaret Ellis

Margaret Ellis is a Certified International Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Coach and Consultant. She is an International Influence Coach, an author, a certified marriage coach, a writer and blogger.   She is the Founder of Coaches of Influence Foundation (COIF), CEO/Brand Ambassador of Coaches of Influence (COI), and CEO of CLASSIK Consulting. Before she ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, she has worked for 20+ years in the education, training, retail, banking and financial services industries.

She has nurtured a burning passion to empower, partner and teach people (especially women and youth) how to become ‘a person’ of Influence in both their professional and personal life.  Margaret is committed to helping people find passion and purpose in life and this is achieved through collaboration with organizations and people to help them create new possibilities in their lives through training, coaching, mentoring, speaking and teaching.

Dr. Ellis is a great contributor to human development which shines through her contribution to valuable organizations across the globe.  In addition to serving at different capacities in five non-profit organizations, she also serves as board of advisor for the continent of Africa and an appointed Inter-Faith Peace ambassador for iChange Nations along with her recent appointment as World Civility Ambassador.

She can be described in many ways, however; she is branded as being passionate, driven, nurturing and an ultimate influencer who always seeks opportunities to help others discover and walk in their purpose.

Dr. Ellis was born in The Gambia, West Africa where she was raised and culturally nurtured before her emigration to the United States. She is married with four children.